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Demand A Basic Income Grant of R1500

As the millions of unemployed, and precariously employed, we have watched as your government has started talks for a basic income grant without us being represented on these fora. In light of our exclusion from these talks we present this petition demanding that the ministry for Social Development work with the Treasury to implement a Basic Income Grant of R1500 per month by Budget Day 2022.

Since the start of the covid pandemic the numbers of us without a stable income have ballooned, more than 10 million of us go to sleep hungry. The recent riots in the country show how far this desperation can take people, we need a solution now! 

With this government failing to create the jobs we are willing and able to perform, we need a basic income grant now. We have seen how the measly R350 Social Relief of Distress Grant has been able to improve people’s lives. But it is clearly not enough. 

Minister Godongwane, your predecessor Tito Mbowenii used to say there’s no money, this is a lie, imali ikhona, in his 2021 budget he lowered taxes for corporations, meaning there is less money for the government to provide services. This must be reversed and the  rich and wealthy, who have come out of the pandemic even wealthier, must be taxed. Our people need a Basic Income Grant Now

As the Assembly of the Unemployed and the Signatories to this letter we demand:

  1. A Basic Income Grant of R1500 per month for all unemployed and the precariously/informally employed between the ages of 18-59
    1. That the Basic Income Grant be provided to current recipients of any Caregivers grants
  2. That the Child Support Grant be increased to R585 per month
  3. The government institute a Wealth Tax to raise at least R160 Billion
  4. The government and Treasury clamp down on profit shifting and wage evasion which cost the country billions in lost taxes and wages.
  5. The government work with communities to ensure access to land and food security